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"Our Training  Revolves Around You"


Planet can work with your organisation to give help and guidance in areas such as:

Training Needs Analysis

Planet is able to conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for our clients.

The aim of a TNA is to establish the level of the capability of your workforce to do the job right now and what skills will be required in the future. Once completed, the TNA will map out the skills gap and give clear indication of what training you will need, who will participate in the training, what kind of time you will require and how to measure outcomes of the training programme you embark on.

The skills gap is the difference between required and existing skill levels. The word "skill" is generic in this case - it includes the knowledge, skills, attitude and aptitude required to undertake the activity efficiently and effectively. A common term also used is competency.

Project Management

Project management services offered by Planet utilise proven experience and methodologies to deliver solutions that best meet the business needs of our clients.

Planet can deliver project management skills to your organisation quickly and efficiently. We can provide your organisation with project leaders or project teams for any training project. Our considerable experience in delivering complex solutions for our clients has taught us that success requires skills, both in working with clients as business partners and in providing the leadership to manage complex consulting engagements.

Regardless of the size and scope of your project management needs, Planet can deliver the skills and resources you require to guide your project to a successful completion.

Training Management Services

Planet provides a full training management service which allows organisations to focus on their core business.

Managing training programmes of large numbers of people can be a time-consuming drain on resources. Planet can remove this headache and provide expert training development and delivery expertise which ensures that large training projects are delivered in the most effective way.