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ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management) Programmes

The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) is an awarding body which aims to build leadership and management at individual, team and organisational levels. ILM provides managers in every sector and at every level with the active support they need to advance in management. This support takes a variety of forms, leading to nationally recognised qualifications, ILM Membership and access to learning support packages.

Planet offers both ILM qualification programmes and courses that are accredited by the ILM.

Why choose ILM?
ILM has the UK’s widest range of leadership and management qualifications, accredited training and membership services.

Over 750,000 managers have benefited from an ILM qualification or accredited training programme in the past ten years, while 35,000 managers are now members of ILM.

Benefits of working with ILM
ILM will benefit your organisation in many ways:

  • Flexible qualifications that can be adapted to suit your business needs
  • Recognition for your in-house training
  • Free studying membership for learners
  • A cutting-edge research programme

For more details on ILM qualifications and certification, please call one of our Learning Advisors on 020 7788 7887 or email us enquiries@planettraining.co.uk